Tips For Caring For Fingernails At Home

Tips For Caring For Fingernails At Home

My mother has always had these long, naturally curved and beautiful nails!

Unfortunatley, I inherited my dad’s nails. They are very thin and grow super flat, plus they tend to split and crack once they reach a certain length. For the most part, I have to keep them pretty short.

In my early 20’s, I tried acryclic nails and I loved them! I had the money, and the time, to afford the up keep back then. They always looked so nice and professional, which I needed, as I worked in a jewelry store. So why did I ditch them, you ask? I became a mommy. Have you ever tried changing diapers, wiping baby bottoms and nursing, with fake nails on your fingertips? Maybe some women can master it, but I never could.

Sadly, I had to let my long nails go…albeit a small price to pay in exchange for the uncontional love of a child!

I always promised myself that I would put the acrylics back on when my baby got older…but then came another baby…and then another. Plus, with more babies, came less money for the frivilous things in life- especially when you’re a stay-at-home mom living off of one income! So, I’ve had to learn to live with my short, natural nails, which I neglected for years.

Within the last year or so, I’ve been trying to keep my nails on point.

Again, being on one income doesn’t afford me the luxury of regularly going to the nail salon, so I’ve been doing DIY manicures at home. I’ve learned some great tips for caring for my nails at home.

  1. Clean nails with non-acetone nail polish remover. Acetone is extremely harsh on your nails and dries them out. It’s best to use a polish remover that is infused with Vitamin E or other vitamins that promote healthy nails.
  2. Use a cuticle oil or cuticle cream to keep cuticles moisturized; this keeps from getting hang nails, as well. You can also use a hand cream and rub into cuticles for the same moisturizing effect.  After your cuticles soften, gently push them back away from the nail bed.
  3. Clip and file your nails. When filing, make sure you only go one direction and not back and forth. There are a few ways you can shape your nails, with a fingernail file; you can go for a round tip, square tip, or Stilletto style, (which are basically pointy nails). I opt for round.
  4. You can use a buffing block to buff and shine your nails, but I don’t do this, out of preference. But it makes your nails slick and shiny.
  5. Before painting, clean the nail-bed once more, with a cotton swab dipped in non-acetone polish remover. This ensures that the cuticle oil or cream, is completely wiped off, otherwise the polish won’t adhere to the nail.
  6. Lastly, choose a color and paint your nails.

Lately, with all of the buzz on nail art, I’ve been more into caring for my nails and keeping them painted.

I’ve been having fun with my nails, looking on Pinterest and Instgram for inspiration, and trying to copy those looks. I opt for the looks that are more low-key and look best on short nails.

This is one of the nail-arts I tried:

Pink & Cherry Blossom Nails

Pink & Cherry Blossom Nails

You can get details on how to copy the look and what products I used! Mani Monday: Pink & Cherry Blossom Nails

Share your nail stories or nail art pics by commenting below.

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