Avon Quiz: What’s Your Perfume Personality?

Quiz: What’s Your Perfume Personality?

Have you ever wondered what your perfume personality is or what your perfume says about you?



Take the the quiz to find out!

This was a page in the Avon Campaign 14, 2015 brochure, and I thought it would be super fun to share on my blog!  I have since updated this post, since many of the original fragrances have been updated by Avon!

  1.  When I wear fragrance, I want to feel:
  •      A. Feminine & pretty
  •      B. Elegant & glamorous
  •      C. Strong & confident
  •      D. Sensual & strong

2.  My fantasy vacation is:

  •      A. Spontaneous getaway
  •      B. Trendy beach resort
  •      C. Safari
  •      D. Tropical cruise

3.  My make-up must have is:

  •      A. Rosy cheeks
  •      B. Trendy nails
  •      C. Red lips
  •      D. Smoky eyes

4.  My go-to style is:

  •      A. A fun & floral top
  •      B. Pearls & cashmere
  •      C. An embellished top
  •      D. A silky blouse & stilettos

5.  If I were a movie star, my specialty would be:

  •      A. Romantic comedy
  •      B. Historical drama
  •      C. Action & advemture
  •      D. Mystery



If you chose mostly A, you’re Flirty & Playful ~ The perfect mix of sweet and sexy, you know all the magic lines and can lay on the charm to make them fall for you.

What's Your Perfume Personality?
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If you chose mostly B, you are Chic & Sophisticated ~ You’re always in style and well put together.  Signature red lipstick and your little black dress are perfect for every occasion!

What's Your Perfume Personality?


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If you chose mostly C, you are Bold & Adventurous ~ You believe anything is possible and are always ready for the unexpected, from journeys to faraway locations, to hidden gems in your very own hometown.


What's Your Perfume Personality?


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If you chose mostly D, you are Sexy & Seductive ~ You have mastered the art of the power of seduction.


What's Your Perfume Personality?


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 I hope you enjoyed taking this quiz!


m.y. boutique

What was your perfume personality!  Share in the comments. And if you found this post helpful,  please like and share!


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