Avon Quiz: What’s Your Fragrance Personality?

 Quiz: What’s Your Fragrance Personality?


Take the the quiz to find out!

This was a page in the Avon Campaign 14, 2015 brochure, and I thought it would be super fun to share on my blog!

  1.  When I wear fragrance, I want to feel:
  •      A. Feminine & pretty
  •      B. Elegant & glamorous
  •      C. Strong & confident
  •      D. Sensual & strong

2.  My fantasy vacation is:

  •      A. Spontaneous getaway
  •      B. Trendy beach resort
  •      C. Safari
  •      D. Tropical cruise

3.  My make-up must have is:

  •      A. Rosy cheeks
  •      B. Trendy nails
  •      C. Red lips
  •      D. Smoky eyes

4.  My go-to style is:

  •      A. A fun & floral top
  •      B. Pearls & cashmere
  •      C. An embellished top
  •      D. A silky blouse & stilettos

5.  If I were a movie star, my specialty would be:

  •      A. Romantic comedy
  •      B. Historical drama
  •      C. Action & advemture
  •      D. Mystery

If you chose mostly A, you’re Flirty & Playful


Secrets To Keep – Reg. $18


Secrets To Keep Kiss – Reg. $18


Secrets To Kiss Midnight – $18

Flor Alegria - Reg. $30 Joy in Full Bloom! An exhilarating blend of vibrant crimson passion fruit, timeless Bulgarian rose petals and playful blue iris. 1.7 fl. oz.

Flor Alegria – Reg. $30

Flor Violeta - Reg. $30

Flor Violeta – Reg. $30

If you chose mostly B, you are Chic & Sophisticated 


Avon Femme – Reg. $30


Rare Pearls – Reg. $23

Rare Amethyst - Reg. $23 Glamorous and captivating, this sensual jewel of passionate plum shimmers with mysterious violet and rich sandalwood. 1.7 fl. oz. Top Note: Wet Plum Middle Note: Blooming Violet Bottom note: Addictive Sandalwood

Rare Amethyst – Reg. $23

If you chose mostly C, you are Bold & Adventurous

Timeless Cologne - Reg. $15

Timeless Cologne – Reg. $15

Candid Cologne

Candid Cologne – Reg. $15

Far Away - Reg. $23

Far Away – Reg. $23

Avon Luck - Reg. $30

Avon Luck – Reg. $30

If you chose mostly D, you are Sexy & Seductive

Outspoken Intense by Fergie - Reg. $34

Outspoken Intense by Fergie – Reg. $34

Outspoken Fresh by Fergie - Reg. $34

Outspoken Fresh by Fergie – Reg. $34

Outspoken by Fergie - Reg. $34

Outspoken by Fergie – Reg. $34

Passion - Reg. $36

Passion – Reg. $36

Which Fragrance Personality were you?  Share your results in the comments section.  

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*images and content belong to Avon Products, Inc. **quiz is from Avon Campaign 14, 2015 pg. 58

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