How To Dress For Age 40

How To Dress For Age 40

When I was about to turn 40, I started worrying if I should be dressing differently.

Should I be shopping at a certain clothing store for older women?  Should I begin picking clothes that were more “mature”? Should a 40 year old women still be shopping at Forever 21, (after all, I now have 2 teenage daughters, should I really be wearing the same clothes that they do)?

I must admit, this wasn’t the first time I had this worry. In my mid-30’s, I decided to begin trying to shop in the women’s section of major department stores. What I found was that, even in the petite section, the clothes didn’t fit right at all, and I rarely found anything that I liked in the women’s dept. So, inevitably I would end up back in the juniors section, or back into Forever 21!

But now I was going to be 40, I figured I should be dressing “my age”.

I decided to do some research online, to find out what a 40 year old women should be wearing. During my research, I stumbled upon posts about dressing for your body type. I learned that a woman doesn’t necessarily have to dress “her age”, but more for her body type. That sounded interesting to me, so I did some more searching online and found that I am, what is commonly called, an Inverted Triangle or Apple body type.  This body type is when someone is well endowed on top and not so much on the bottom. Since I have the Inverted Triangle body type, the posts I read suggested that I wear darker colors on top, tops that have very little to no print, and tops that accentuate my waist, in order to draw the eye away from my top half.

Examples of such tops are:image

  • wrap tops
  • peplum tops
  • halter tops
  • tanks with wide straps

As far as necklines go, v- necks are flattering, as well as round necklines and scoop necklines, for the Inverted Triangle body type. Strapless and off the shoulder shirts also work good for this body type.

As for bottoms, I should wear bottoms that make me look wider, as to give the illusion that I have a bigger bottom half.

Examples of such pants are:

  • flare pants
  • wide legged pants
  • wide legged trousers
  • harem pants

My pants should be brightly colored prints or horizontal prints or stripes. I can also pull off wearing brighter colors on my bottom half, again, to draw the attention away from my top half.

Other examples of bottoms for the Inverted Body Type are: image

  • printed skater skirts
  • pleated skirts
  • flowy skirts
  • peplum skirts
  • tulip skirts
  • printed midi and maxi skirts work well too

  My final conclusion is this,

it doesn’t matter what store or department I shop in, as long as what I’m purchasing looks flattering and is a good fit on me.  Dressing in clothing that is comfortable for me, is within my budget, but above all, is a style that I love and a style that would give me confidence, is what’s most important!  I have since begun shopping for my body type, not my age, and it’s been so much fun putting outfits together! And I think I look pretty cute too!

Just for fun, I have put together outfits for my particular body type, to show what would look good on me, or on anyone with the same body type as me, (I just adore Polyvore!)

What are your thoughts are on the subject of dressing for age vs. body type.  Comment below.

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