Do Eyelashes Thin With Age?

Do Eyelashes Thin With Age?


I recently wrote a blog about my adventures in eyelashes.

I noticed my eyelashes beginning to look differently as I reached my 40’s. They looked thinner and were less manageable than I remembered them being. I wasn’t sure if I was just imagining things or my lashes were actually changing. I did some reading and learned that age does have an affect on eyelashes.  Hormonal changes in a women’s body, as she ages, slows down follicle stimulation, which slows down the process of growing hair. This slowing down process can lead to thinning lashes.  Other factors that can cause a women’s eyelashes to thin are frequently rubbing your eyes, having a vitamin deficiency, and just plain, daily wear and tear.

Can a woman do anything to help to thicken eyelashes?

Image courtesy of patrisyu at

Image courtesy of patrisyu at

There are some things that we can do to help our eyelashes to, once again,  plumpen up. Here are some that I learned of:

• Avoid rubbing your eyes even when you are cleaning off your eye makeup. It’s very important to remove all eye makeup before bed.  However, it’s best to use a cream or oil-based eye makeup remover on your lashes, to remove makeup. Gently patting your lashes with the cleanser, helps to prevent lashes from falling out prematurely. Remember, eyelashes are very fragile.

• There are over the counter growth serums that you can try. They contain nutrients to help your lashes grow stronger, or you can opt for a prescription lash serum, which are also known to encourage the healthy re-growth of eyelashes.

• Use a moisturizing ointment overnight, such as Vaseline or olive oil. Vaseline and olive oil help to protect and moisturize lashes, which encourages growth. They also improve the health of your lashes. A great idea is, to use an eyelash comb or clean mascara brush, and put olive oil or vitamin E on it, before brushing onto your lashes.

• Make sure you change out your mascara every 3 months. Using old and expired mascara isn’t good for your lashes. Also, try going without mascara once in awhile, to give your lashes a break. image • Using a primer before applying mascara can also be helpful, just make sure the primer is infused with vitamins and nutrients that thicken, lengthen and strengthen your lashes.

• Believe it or not, some fiber lash mascaras are actually good for your lashes. The fiber mascaras that are conditioning and that contain nutrients to help growth of your natural lashes, are the ones to look for. Fiber lash mascara can also makevyour lashes appear thicker and longer when you wear it.

These are just some of the solutions that I found, to help out with eyelash thinning. There are many more reccomendations, including natural remedies, that you can find on the internet.

Would you try any of these ideas to thicken your own lashes?  Do you have your own tips?  Comment  and share below.

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