4 Steps to Getting Beautiful Skin

4 Steps to Getting Beautiful Skin

Caring for your skin is extremely important.

Image courtesy of Imagarymajestic at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of Imagarymajestic at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Skincare is important, both for preventing early signs of aging, or for making sure aging skin still looks radiant! Women know it’s important to take care of their bodies by eating right, getting plenty of exercise, getting a good night’s rest, and making sure they are well hydrated; caring for our face should be a part of that process.  I’m always surprised when I hear just how many women neglect to care for their skin! I hear from them that they forget, or don’t even think about it as part of a daily routine, that caring for their skin is too time consuming, or too expensive. It doesn’t have to take a big chunk of time or be so expensive, in fact, you can have a good skincare routine in just 4 steps and with only 5 products!

Here are the 4 Steps to Beautiful Skin:

1. Wash your face – Sounds simple enough, right?  But many women don’t wash their face before bed or when they wake up in the morning, both of which, are the exact times they should be washing their face. Washing your face at night, removes the makeup, dirt, pollutants, and free-radicals from environmental elements, that you acquire throughout the day. Morning washes cleanse your face of the products you put on the night before.  Washing both morning and night, prep your skin for treating and moisturizing.

*tip: place cleanser on the tips of your fingers and gently massage your face, an in upward and outward motion. A soft cloth may be used if preferred.
2. Treat Your Skin – We all have skincare concerns, whether it be blemishes, discoloration, wrinkles, crows feet, sagging skin, dark spots, or rough patches, to name a few. The treatment step is the time when you target those specific concerns, using products that help that specific need.
3. Moisturize – Your skin is the barrier that protects your body from the environment. It’s important to arm your skin with SPF during the day.  SPF creams and lotions both protect your skin from UV Rays and moisturizes.  Night creams help skin to restore itself while you sleep. Day lotions and day creams containing an SPF, should be applied in the morning, after washing and before putting on any makeup, (if you wear any). Night cream should be applied right before you go to bed at night.

*tip: when applying creams, gently rub in an upward and outward motion. Don’t ever tug on your skin. Don’t forget your neck!
4. Eye Care – The skin on your eyelids, and underneath your eyes, is the most delicate skin on your body, therefore, eyes need special care.  Eye cream is specially designed to treat the delicate eye area.  Choose an eye cream that best suits your needs; there are creams for puffy eyes, dark circles, and crows feet; and apply both day and night, after using moisturizer.

*tip: when applying eye cream, use your ring finger, since it’s the weakest finger, and pat the cream on your eye in a gentle, upward motion, never rub.

Image courtesy of photoexplorer at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of photoexplorer at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

That’s it, 4 quick and simple steps to beautiful skin, that will keep you putting your best face forward!



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