Put Samples To Work For You in Your Avon Business

Team Dream Catchers Training: Put Samples To Work For You


One of the most frequent questions I get asked by Avon Reps, is whether on not to purchase samples.

I always tell them two things:

  1. Yes, purchasing and using samples are important to your Avon business
  2. However, don’t spend too much on them or spend all of your earnings on them!

Many Reps think that they need to buy every sample, of every beauty product, that Avon offers.   They end up with tons of samples and no earnings, then get discouraged, becasue all Avon does is cost them money!

In my experience, ordering fragrance samples and lipstick samples work the best!

  • Fragrance Samples – Avon is most known for their fragrances, (after all, Avon started out as a fragrance company), and therefore, is always introducing new scents.  Avon also has exclusive celebrity frangrances for both men and women.  It’s a great idea to pass out samples of both old and new fragrances to your customers.
  • Lipstick Samples – Avon is also known for their lipstick!  In fact, statically, Avon sells 4 lipsitcks every second!  Don’t leave those orders on the table!  Everyone remembers those mini lipstick samples growing up, I know I certainly do, so your customers, LOVE to receive a mini lipstick with their order.  Plus, Avon is always improving their lipstick lines, so it’s important to your business to allow your customers to try the new formulas and colors that Avon offers.

Any other type of sample, I instruct my Reps to order as requested by their customers.

Here are some ways to put Avon samples to work for you:

  1. Place samples in customer order bags.  If the customer orders makeup, I like to cross sell and give them a fragrance samples.  Or if they buy skincare, I will put a lipstick sample in their bag.
  2. Some Avon reps will pass out, what they call, “stuffed brochures”, which is when they place samples in the pages of their brochures that they pass out to customers.  Make sure when you do this, that you put your ordering information on the sample itself, in case it gets seperated from the brochure.
  3. Have a sample party!  This is a fun thing to do a couple times a year.  You can either host the party yourself, or you can have a customer host it for you (you can then offer the customer an incentive).  Just have a few family and friends over and pass out samples of products, along with current Avon brochures, and have them try the samples right then and there!  Then collect orders!  For this, I would definitely order a variety of samples.  Avon offers sample bundles of diverse products, for a great price in the What’s New catalog.

However you choose to use samples to grow your Avon business, make sure you follow up!  This is the most important part, in order to get the sale from that sample.  You can just call, text, or ask your customer face to face, if they tried the sample and what they thought about the product.

Here are some Tips for the Top:


I hope these tips help your business.

I want you all to have a successful, growing, thriving business.  You CAN make money selling Avon!!  Let me know in the comments below, what other aspect of your Avon business you would like training on!

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