Mani Monday: Pink and Cherry Blossom Nailart

Mani Monday: Pink and Cherry Blossom Nailart

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Nailart post for Mani Monday, but I actually liked the way my nails turned out,  so I thought I’d share!!

This mani is a little more ambitious than what I usually do.



Get the look:

After my base coat dried, I painted 2 coats of Viva Pink on all, but my ring fingernail.  For my ring fingernail, I used 2 thin coats of Iceberg White.  When that nail dried, I used the nail striper to paint the branches of the cherry blossom with the Licorice polish.  When that was dry, I took my nail dotting tool and used the Viva Pink to make tiny splotches on the tips of the “branches”.  I didn’t want them to be perfect dots, so I did more than one dot on each branch.  After the splotches dried, I went back in and used the dotting tool to place smaller splotches of the Pastel Pink, on top of some of the darker pink ones, to give it the effect that there was depth to the “flowers”.  After that was all dry, I painted 2 coats of the clear top coat, to make it extra shiny and smooth.

I did watch a YouTube video to get an idea of how to paint the cherry blossoms.  I didn’t do exactly what the nail artist did, but it gave me a general idea and how to start it.  I’m including the video, in case you want to watch it too!

Hope you liked it my Monday Mani!  Comment below if you tried this look and if you had success.  Remember to follow my blog for updates on my posts via email!

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