Top 10 Avon Items On My Want List

Top 10 Avon Items On My Want List

I love being an Avon Representative!  I love the products, I love how my job is all about meeting and serving people, and I love Avon as a company and what they stand for!  However, I’ll be honest, there is a danger of being an Avon Rep and that is, you HAVE TO be careful not to spend all of your profits on buying stuff for yourself!  Avon is always coming out with such amazing products, and as an Avon Rep, we get great discounts on our purchases!  I have talked to many an Avon Rep who have quit selling Avon for this very reason!  I advise all of my new representatives against this; I tell them to put a limit on themselves, when it comes to purchasing their own products, because YOU CAN make money with Avon when you treat it like a business.  And as much as I try to follow my own advice, I must admit, it’s difficult for me!  My weakness is Avon Fashion.  My hubby always compliments me on my new outfits, shoes, or jewelry and I always tell him “it’s Avon”.  In fact, just yesterday he noticed, “something else from Avon?  So that’s where all your profits go!”.   I know, it. must. stop., but there are so many cute things, I can’t help myself!  In fact, right now, I have a LONG wish list of items that I desperately want!

Here Are the Top 10 Items on My Avon Want List: 

(These are sneak peek items from Campaigns 13 & 14) 

Ivory Cut-Out Top


Sunset Demi Wedge (I want the blue ones 😆)

Paradise Versatile Tunic

High-Low Tank Dress

Stylishly Studded Heel

Bold Looks Chain Statement Necklace

Linear Long “Y” Necklace (I love both the silver and the gold)

Linear Metals Interchangable Necklace Set

mark. On Weave Sandals

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*images belong to Avon Products, Inc.

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