3 Ways to Quiet the Inner Critic

3 Ways to Quiet the Inner Critic

I’m all about growth as a human being and as a leader in my business.

Because of this, lately,  I have been reading books, participating in webinars, taking leadership courses, etc., in order to further my growth.  As a leader in my business, I believe furthering your education in your business and your leadership skills, is crucial for a successful business.

I have heard it said that “if you treat your business like a business, you will earn like a business.  If you treat your business like a hobby, it will cost you like a hobby”.

So, I’ve been on this quest for growth this year, and let me tell you, it hasn’t been easy!!  You see, I’ve always been a quitter.  My motto has always been, quit before you fail in order to avoid disappointment.  And so I did.  I quit the violin, I quit the flute, I quit the oboe, I quit cheerleading, I quit beauty school, I quit college and I quit pursuing my career in fashion.  I was always under the impression that I was weak, I wasn’t a leader, and I wasn’t very good at anything.  I looked at successful people around me, whom shot to the top of their class or to the top of their business, as stronger than I.  I felt they were more talented than I, they were better leaders than I, not only that, but I even thought that I was the only one in my world, who could never be that successful.

Recently, I made a discovery.

There is this thing, that everybody has, called the Inner Critic.  There was even a whole section dedicated to this Inner Critic, in one of the courses I am taking!  I couldn’t believe it!  Everyone deals with that voice inside of them that tells them they can’t, that says they will fail, that makes them doubt?  Even successful business leaders??  I just assumed they all had a special gene that I wasn’t fortunate enough to inherit!  The difference is, they don’t listen to the Inner Critic.  They have learned to tune it out and to shut it down.  They do not allow the Inner Critic to stop them, nor do they allow the Inner Critic to cause them to quit!  Quieting the Inner Critic is something that can be learned.  It is something that is crucial to learn if you want to grow as a person and as a leader in your business.

Here are 3 things I am learning to do, in order to thrive in my personal life as well as in my business:

  1.  Use Enlightened Vocabulary –  The words that you use matter.  “The words you use on a regular basis hold the power to create your life, either moving you closer to what you want or further away.”  When you use disempowering words and phrases to describe your feelings or your circumstances,  such as “I can’t”, “I have to”, “I’m hate to”, or “I’m overwhelmed”, it causes you to already feel defeated.  Use words that empower to describe your life.  Use words and phrases that are positive and that evoke positive emotions, words such as “I get to”, “I will”, “I’m excited to”, and “I prefer to”.   This simple change can be powerful!
  2.   Quiet the Inner Critic – You know that little voice you hear in your head throughout the day?  That is the Inner Critic speaking.  Everyone has one!  “The voice of the Inner Critic is often heard when you wake up in the morning and when you go to sleep at night…it’s messages become even louder when you make adjustments in your life…Most of the time, the Inner Critic’s message is quite negative, creating self-doubt, and under extreme circumstances can immobilize you.”  This has been the case for me.  The key is to recognize the Inner Critic’s voice.  What are the words he says to you, how do they make you feel, and then reframe those words into words that empower you and that can serve you.  You can even have code words for yourself, when the Inner Critic’s voice gets too loud, and then actually say that word out loud when it’s happening.
  3. Affirm and Acknowledge Your True Self – Use affirming words to describe yourself and your daily activities.  Don’t focus on all of the things you didn’t do that day, rather, focus on the accomplishments that you did make that day.  Speak positive affirmations to yourself and describe yourself as who you really are:  gifted, loving, intelligent, creative.


I hope this helps anyone who might be struggling to grow your home-based business.  Learning about this pesky, little Inner Critic has helped me out so much!

Comment below if this has helped you, I would love to know!  Don’t forget to follow me to receive my latest blog, via email!

*quotes and information taken from DSWA Elite Leadership Training

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