How Would You Like To “Hit $100”?

How Would You Like To “Hit $100”?


When you sign up to start your own Beautiful Business with Avon, you can earn samples, product and $100 rebate!  Who wouldn’t want to do that?  This is an amazing way to get your new Avon business off to successful start!

Here’s how it works:

1st order of $100 =

  • $20 rebate
  • assortment of beauty samples

2nd order of $100 =

  • $20 rebate
  • assortment of beauty samples

3rd order of $100 =

  • $20 rebate
  • assortment of beauty samples

4th order of $100 =

  • $20 rebate
  • assortment of beauty samples

5th order of $100 =

  • $20 rebate

That equals a total of $100 rebate!

When you reach your 5th order of $100 per order, you will also earn an Avon product bundle worth $100!!

How It Works:

•With each $100+ order placed in your first four campaigns,
you’ll receive an assortment of samples, and we’ll “bank” (or reserve) a $20 REBATE for you. You’ll receive the total amount of rebates you earn from your first four campaigns (upto $80)after placing your fifth order of $100 or more. You must place a fifth campaign order of $100 or more to receive any of your banked rebates.
•If you place four consecutive orders of $100 or more and also place a fifth order of $100 or more, you’ll receive another $20 rebate for a GRAND TOTAL OF $100!
•if you place consecutive $100 + orders in all four campaigns, you’ll also receive a BONUS PRODUCT BUNDLE VALUED AT $100
(after placing your fifth order of $100 or more).  IN ORDER TO RECEIVE ANY OF THE REBATES, SAMPLES AND PRODUCT REWARDS EARNED, YOU MUST PLACE AN ORDER ON YOURAVON.COM IN EACH OF YOUR FIRST FIVE CAMPAIGNS. Each $20 rebate earned will be banked and sent by direct deposit or check thirty (30) days after the close of your fifth campaign, if you qualify.  Each sample assortment earned will be included in your next campaign order.  The bonus product bundle will be included with your fifth campaign order if you qualify.
This program is only for NEW Representatives.  All NEW Representatives, including Direct Delivery Only and Sales Center Only Representatives, must place an order on within the first 30 days from the date of your appointment in order to participate.  Program begins Campaign 10 2015 National (Trendsetter Campaign 12 2015.  Orders must be submitted and paid on time as defined in the Avon Independent Sales Representative.
Policies located on  Reinstatements do not count as New Representatives for this program. Each order value counts toward Award Sales and Earnings Level, and will be used to calculate your Leadership Bonus/Earnings (if purchased by a member of your Downline and order is paid in full).  Breast Cancer and Domestic Violence cause-related products do not count toward this program.  Bonus Dollars, Including Double and Triple Dollars, are not included in Award Sales for this program. Avon reserves the right to substitute a reward of equal value, change product selection, rules and regulations, or cancel the program at any time,at its sole discretion.  Products received cannot be redeemed for cash or credit toward your Avon account.  Avon reserves the right to audit all performance data when determining reward eligibility and reserves the right to disqualify any Representative it determines has violated principles of fairness or program intent.  A Representative’s account must be active and past due no more than $0 in each campaign in order to participate.  Void where prohibited.  All dollars shown are in U.S. dollars.  Avon reserves the right to change any requirements and program qualifiers at any time, at its sole discretion. The changes may be superseded at any time by a new change in program rules.

Are you ready to “Hit $100”?  Sign up to Sell Avon Online today!

Sell Avon Online and use Avon Reference Code mistiemasters to join my team, Team Dream Catchers!

Buy Avon Online:

Use Coupon Code WELCOME at checkout to receive 20% off your first online/direct delivery order, of $50 or more!  One time use only.

*images and some content belong to Avon Products, Inc.

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