Avon Beautiful Stories: Meet Avon Ambassador Nneya

Avon beautiful stories:  Meet Avon Ambassador nneya

Here is another beautiful story from Avon.

Meet Nneya, a stylist and fashion consultant living in New York City. For Nneya, no two days are the same. She works with fashion designers, on the set of photo shoots and backstage at New York Fashion Week. At Avon, we’re inspired by Nneya’s story and how she makes it beautiful every day.

“To me effortless means that it should be you. You should wear clothes…you shouldn’t have them wear you. And that translates to beauty,” Nneya said.

Nneya’s secret to effortless beauty is meditating to feel good on the inside, which she believes shines through to the outside. Her makeup routine is simple and she loves to incorporate a bright and bold lipstick color that pops for added confidence. To get Nneya’s look try Avon Ultra Color Lipstick, Mega Effects Mascara and True Color Eyeshadow.

Watch more beautiful stories on Avon Product Inc. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDl63H5v8gUFRM3Qtm4O4Gw

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*video and content belong to Avon Product Inc.

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