Spring Nails: Lavender and Bling

Spring Nails: Lavender and Bling

This mani was inspired from a couple of different looks that I saw online, I just chose a color that I wanted and combined the looks together as one.

Get the look: As always, I began by painting my nails with Avon Experts Ridge Filling Base Coat.  I used Avon Nailwear+ in Luxe Lavender and painted 2 coats, on every nail but my pinky.  After my nails dried, I painted a clear top coat on each nail.  Before the top coat dried, I placed my little clear, rhinestone gems that I bought at Michaels on my accent nail, with tweezers.  I chose my pointer finger as my accent nail, but you can choose what ever nail you want.  I placed the gems on the corner of the nail, in a triangle pattern.  Now, for my pinky nail, I painted it with just a base coat and before that dried, I placed the gems all over that nail.  It was a pretty simple mani, it just takes patience to work with the gems.


Materials I used:

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