Avon Product of the Week: Skin So Soft Line

Avon Product of the Week: Skin So Soft Line

Skin So Soft is a beloved brand of Avon, with a loyal following.  It was actually introduced about 50 years ago and has since, expanded into a variety personal care products that meet different skin-care needs.

Now, I know this is more than one Product of the Week, but when I was deciding which to showcase, I couldn’t make up my mind, I wanted to share them all! 

 So, here is a list of the more popular products in the Skin So Soft lineup. 


Skin So Soft Original-

This is the original Skin So Soft and the most popular.  The Original is made with jojoba oil, which has many benefits, some of which include anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and moisturizing properties. The jojoba oil also gives it a nice floral scent. The Original line includes bath oil, bath oil gel, shower gel, body lotion, creamy body wash, replenishing hand cream, and a bonus size body lotion


Skin So Soft Soft and Sensual-

The Soft and Sensual line is made with argan oil which makes it moisturizing to skin.  Soft and Sensual has a lush floral and jasmine scent.  This line includes the bath oil, shower gel, ultra-moisturizing body lotion, gelled body oil, antiperspirant deodorant, replenishing hand cream, and bonus size body lotion

 Here are my personal favorites: 


Skin So Soft Signature Silk-  Signature Silk
is also infused with argan oil, but this line is known to illuminate your skin and boost skin’s radiance.  I like the the light aroma of soft gardenia and exotic woods.  The Signature Silk line includes the bath oil, gelled body oil, perfecting oil (treats scars and stretch marks), shower gel, creamy body wash, ultra moisturizing body lotion, replenishing hand cream, and bonus size body lotion.



Skin So Soft Firm and Restore

This line is infused with babassu oil which not only moisturizes skin, but also helps skin to look firmer and more toned, restoring skin’s youthful appearance.  Firm and Restore rejuvenates skin’s radiance and vitality.  This line includes age-defying neck and chest cream SPF 15, DD body cream with SPF 15, body lotion, and age corrective hand treatment, each having a fragrance of delicate blossoms and sheer florals. 


As a bonus, I also wanted to introduce Avon’s latest addition to the Skin So Soft personal care line:  Skin So Soft Luminous Luxe Body Washes.  These creamy lathering body washes are now available in Original, Soft and Sensual, and Signature Silk!

Again, this is only 4 options from the Skin So Soft line, there are many more!  You can shop them yourself on my eStore: https://mistiemasters.avonrepresentative.com/ 

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