How to Tell Which Fragrance is Right For You

How to Tell Which Fragrance is Right For You

Build your business: Fragrance 101


Get schooled on scents, and make a ton of dollars!

With Avon releasing new fragrances this quarter, like Fergie’s Outspoken Fresh,  and Rare Amythest.  You’ll want to know how to pick the perfect fragrance just for you, or how to help your customers pick the fragrances that are just right for her!

 Take note:

Did you know that the differences in each form of fragrance have to do with the amount of oils or “juice” ? This determines its potency.

                                                     The Fragrance Pyramid

                     A fragrance is a subtle blend of notes with 3 distinct layers: top, middle and base.

Top or Debut:

                            The first impression— gets your attention and draws you in.

Middle or Heart:

The full body of the scent is revealed and gives the fragrance its overall character.

Base or Trail:

The lasting and memorable note that lingers and brings depth and richness.

Be Sensible:

Fragrance Do’s & Don’ts • Keep perfume and fragrances safe from extreme cold or heat. Once a bottle is opened, it should be used. An opened fragrance will begin to fade or change its scent over time. • Apply the fragrance directly to skin, focusing on pulse points. Allow the heat from your body to develop the fragrance on your skin for a true impression. • Never try more than three scents at once, as your nose will lose its ability to differentiate between the scents. (Try keeping a clarifying scent on hand, such as coffee grinds to clear the “nose palette.”)

Attention Avon Reps:  Here are some selling tips for you to grow your fragrance business.

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Forms & Concentrations:

Parfum: 15–30%

Eau de Parfum: 8–15%

Eau de Toilette: 4–8%

Eau de Cologne: 3–5%


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