Beauty Lovers Wanted

Beauty Lovers Wanted

Avon placed a job opening online for an anonymous company looking for beauty lovers. We asked for people interested in selling makeup and skincare, where you can make your own hours and work with your own clientele. We brought in applicants for interviews and let them do the talking. You might be surprised to see all of the reactions these applicants had, when they discovered who they were applying for! Watch the video now:

Whether you are a mom, freelancer or student, becoming an Avon Independent Sales Representative gives you the opportunity to achieve financial freedom to help you control your own destiny by selling cosmetics that you and your clients love. By starting your own business and creating your own hours, you’ll be able to create a perfect work / life balance while making money and gaining valuable sales and marketing experience.

As an Avon Independent Sales Representative you’ll be a part of an organization that stands for more than beauty. From speaking out against domestic violence to raising hundreds of millions of dollars for breast cancer awareness, Avon supports innovation, optimism, and above all, women.

Find out how to join my team!

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