Top 15 Reasons To Sell Avon

Top 15 Reasons To Sell Avon

Why YOU should sell Avon:

1. Only $15 to start your own business!  Many direct sales companies charge  at least  $100 to join.  Avon is low cost for great rewards!

2.  Why pay retail?  As an Avon rep, you can receive discounts on your own, personal products, plus special prices on upcoming products and bundled items.

3.  When you sign up to sell Avon, you can earn FREE full size products within your first 4 selling cycles, as long as your orders are $100 or more.  If you have 10 friends and each buys $10 of product, you can easily reach $100 in sales!

4.  Avon reps pay low standard shipping fees on all orders.

5.  You’ll only need to sell $50 in product to make money and earn discounts on your own products.  You can earn up to 50% of your sales.

6.  You can grow your business with leadership, in fact leadership provides you the opportunity to make unlimited earnings!

7.  With Avon, there is no need to keep inventory.

8.  Sell to family, friends, co-workers, anywhere you go there are potential customers!  Everyone knows Avon, the brand alone, sells itself.

9.  Avon is constantly offering incentives, prizes and trips to their reps.  These can be earned both through sales and leadership.

10.  There’s no need to change your lifestyle to sell Avon.  You can sell Avon everywhere you go to anyone you know, just by being you!

11.  As an Avon Representative, you have a chance to preview new products before they are available to your customers.

12.  FREE website to your online store.  That’s right, it’s FREE to have your own personal Avon store, online.  Anyone you know, anywhere in the country, can order directly from you, through your online store, and you’ll get the earnings.

13.  Set your own schedule and work the hours you want to work.  This is YOUR business, work it however and whenever YOU want.

14.  No home parties required.  Just pass out your brochures to everyone you know and watch the sales roll in.  No need to schedule and plan parties, find hostesses, send out invitations, etc., etc.

And last, but not least…

15.  BE YOUR OWN BOSS!  Who doesn’t want to do that?

There has never been a better time to start your own Avon business!  Contact me and start selling Avon today!  Or learn more here:

Buy Avon Online

Sell Avon Online using reference code mistiemasters.

*Image borrowed from Pinterest

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