5 Fab Buys in Campaign 19


The “Big, Bold Color Sale” is happening in Campaign 19, with savings on over 200 makeup faves! Here’s what else is happening in Campaign in 19:

Go bold with Avon’s new Big & Daring Volume Mascara! Experience 5 times the volume with Lash-Build Technology. The plumping complex and innovative Creme-gel formula deliver 24 hour, explosive volume with no clumps, no smudges, and no flakes. The curved, multilevel patented bristles, capture and sculpture every lash! It comes in 3 shades in Blackest Black, Black, and Brown and is introduced at a special price of $6.99.

Go even bolder with Avon’s Ultra Color Bold Lipstick that has 50% more pigment packed in every stick, but still has the same creamy, moisturizing texture and True Color Technology as original Ultra Color Lipstick. It comes in 8 new, intense and saturated colors at an intro price if $5.99 in Campaign 19.

“Style First and Comfort Always”! Campaign 19 introduces the new Cushion Walk collection, 5 stylish shoes, you’re sure to love! Loafers, booties, and knee-high boots complete Avon’s stylish fall collection.

Avon welcomes fall with Naturals new autumn scents. Fall classics, like Fresh Orchard Apple and Sugar & Walnut, in shower gels, body lotions and bubble baths. Warm scents to clean, condition, hydrate and Moisturize your skin for fall!

Bring those warm, fall scents from your bath, into your home, with Avon’s Harvest Scented Candle Collection. 4 luxurious autumn fragrances, in a 3-wick candle, fill your home with up to 30 hours of scent, you’re sure to adore!

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