Product Review

Here is a product review that I wrote back in August of 2013 that I wanted to re-post. This is an amazing product that debuted in campaign 17 and has received rave reviews in several magazines, such as Allure, Lucky, InStyle Beauty, Redbook, and Better Homes and Gardens, just to name a few. Below is my review:

It’s been awhile since I last blogged, but I have so many products to review! The first product I’d like to review is the Mega Effects Mascara. It debuted in campaign 17.

Product: Mega Effects Mascara in black

Price: $10 *($7.99 in C-4)

Claim: Makes lashes look thicker, fuller, and darker. And the design of the mascara’s applicator makes it so that, with one sweep, it covers all the lashes from corner to corner.

Review: Avon’s revolutionary new design has been years in the making! Avon did extensive research on mascara, as well as received input from hundreds of women about their likes/dislikes of mascara. For the first time in 50 years, mascara has been given a make-over! The unique design of the packaging itself, looks quite different and a little intimidating. After reading the instructions that were provided by Avon, and watching the how-to videos on and youtube, I quickly figured out how to master this mascara. It did take me a few times to apply, but after I got the hang of it, I have to say I love it! The thick formula makes my lashes look dark and full and I really like the way it holds a curl in my lashes. I have more control of the brush because of the short, sturdy handle. The brush itself, really does cover my lashes from corner to corner. I did find that I still had to swipe more than once, but one coat of mascara does the trick. I also like how the design makes it so that the mascara doesn’t dry out so fast. It’s a little more pricey than other Avon mascaras, but it is comparatively priced with competitive mascaras on the market. I feel that the product is quality and is worth the $10.

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